The art of living a meaningful life

This is a lifestyle blog to take the time, focus on the essential and make contact with what is important. Take the steps to intentionally live with less (reduce consumption), to live simply and consciously with the people you really care about.

There’s nothing like a large bowl of creamy guacamole to scoop in your nachos, right? Every two weeks or so I make a large batch as an evening meal and it disappears like snow in the sun. Simple and super easy to make, this guacamole dip is a healthy must in my life.

Are you the person who tries to avoid an argument in your relationships? If so, stop escaping them, as they are super healthy for you and the one you have an argument with! As uncomfortable as they may be, it is an important way to stay connected with one another.

Choosing to shave with a safety razor will reduce tons and tons of plastic waste. A safety razor will outlast you. A lifetime of shaving, and no plastic waste. Don’t think too long, this is the only option to shave eco-friendly. And it’s not only the best choice for the planet, your skin will thank you as well.

Coffee dates energy balls

Make a huge batch, keep some in the refrigerator and some in the freezer. They are great for when you have people coming over for coffee, or if you are a sweet tooth like me, as a small dessert after diner in the evening. They are super healthy and incredibly easy to make, no baking needed! Who knew you could eat ground coffee…


A journey inside Martin’s head. He’s on a weekend mountain trip, and we get to know his thoughts. Unsensored, essential, existential and silly about feelings and fantasies. A recognizable film about being human, and how we tick and think.


When was the last time you stopped and had a good conversation? What was it about? Did you enjoy it and leave a happier person? If your answer is no, what is keeping you from doing it? Is it shame, or fear to ask personal questions? Would you like the people around you to ask you more sincere questions?

stoicism books

Sometimes it makes sense to allow emotions to learn from it, and sometimes they are incorrect due to past events. In doubt, stoicism books are a handy way to rationalise. Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher. He was primarily concerned with integrity, self-discipline and personal freedom. His knowledge was conveyed in a way of life.

Did you know that Australia alone is estimated to dispose of around 6 million coffee capsules every day? Thats over 2 billion coffee pods added to landfill or nature each year. All these pods will sit there for up to 500 years, as neither plastic nor metal is biodegradable where they’ll disintegrate into microplastics. But it’s not only the end product which is horrific for our environment.

As we all know, coffee is one of the most popular drinks globally. However, it comes with a lot of food waste. A 2016 Planet Ark study found that in Sydney alone, almost 2800 tonnes of coffee grounds are being sent to landfill. What i do with my coffee left overs? Compost it!

minimalist wardrobe

Part of living a minimalistic lifestyle, are wardrobe essentials. That means you create outfits with just a couple of items. If you do this smart, you end up with just a few items and multiple ways to wear them for every occasion. Think about the time and money you will save? Does this sound like a dream to you too?

Socca recipe

Socca is a very large and thin pancake made from chickpea flour. This pancake is traditionally baked on a round copper plate in a wood oven. After getting your pieces on a piece of paper, you can then add pepper and salt and enjoy this with a nice drink in the sun. This is the Socca recipe to experience Nice anywhere in the world!

become a freelancer

I’s not all freedom, there is a price to pay No, it’s not all perfect in freelance world. But to me, it’s worth paying the price. Do you want to become a freelancer? You’re never too old or too young to start. I turned into one right after school. I was 19 and had no clue about anything, still it was the logical choice to make and felt natural to me. I promise you, you will learn a great deal about yourself during the start.

Every year, 8 billion kilos of plastic disappears into the oceans In the most favorable estimate, 4.8 million tonnes of plastic per year end up in the oceans and in the worst case 12.7 million tonnes of plastic per year. The amount of years needed to break plastic up is 200 years. Switch to sustainable straws #ditchplastic

Okja is a kind of pig, or cow as I interpret it through the sounds that the creature makes. A large corporation has genetically manipulated this animal to feed the world. In order to not scare the consumers, they use marketing to make their story less horrifying. Because who wants to consume genetically modified meat?

diy deodorant

One of the most frequent hygiene product that we all need every day is a hassle to buy because of all the choices, and is also super toxic! Also, i personally dislike the strong perfumes of deodorants sold in stores. And what about the packaging, all those empty deodorant bottles going to waste! Luckily, i have the perfect solution for you.

We have all encountered baking soda at some point in our lives. The multipurpose and multifunctional, naturally occurring chemical seems to be everywhere. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a naturally occurring crystalline chemical compound but is often found in powder form. It is highly versatile and when used by itself or combined, can lend itself as a remedy for so much!

guacomole recipe

There’s nothing like a large bowl of creamy guacamole to scoop in your nachos, right? Every two weeks or so I make a large batch as an evening meal and it disappears like snow in the sun. Simple and super easy to make, this guacamole dip is a healthy must in my life.