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As we all know, coffee is one of the most popular drinks globally. However, it comes with a lot of food waste. A 2016 Planet Ark study found that in Sydney alone, almost 2800 tonnes of coffee grounds are being sent to landfill. What i do with my coffee left overs? Compost it!

Coffee grounds is an excellent soil improver, for both the short and the longer term. A cubic meter of coffee grits means about 440 kg of organic matter for your (vegetable) garden. That is approximately 66%. When it is processed 15 – 20 cm deep in the soil, it immediately has a substantial added value as plant food. The grits contains such quantities of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and copper that a positive effect on plant growth can be counted on. If you have a worm farm, make sure to add your coffee to it to keep your compost happy! Note: be careful not to include more than 25% of the total compost volume. Coffee grounds are also known to be very attractive to worms, which makes them an ideal addition to vermiposting (worm bins).

If you aren’t composting, don’t despair! Coffee grounds can also be placed directly into your garden. It’s very important to place the grounds only in an area where you have nitrogen-loving plants

compost coffee

Coffee compost grows mushrooms!

Your mushrooms are sprouting happily and healthily from coffee grounds that were diverted from landfill. Coffee grounds in landfill are in an anaerobic environment, and  contribute to methane emissions. Methane has 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide!. And by eating oyster mushrooms (the most sustainable protein source in the world) you are also cutting back on methane emissions and deforestation from the most detrimental food source in the world: Beef.

Another coffee waste problem which can be easily be solved: reusable coffee pods.

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