simple life

About me

Hi, my name is Ilana.

I found serenity and happiness in a simple life. I’m a minimalist and think a month or more before i actually buy something. In my home, you’ll only find the essentials. Added to this lifestyle i also give a shit about our planet. Which makes a zerowaste lifestyle a true challenge. I’m also 100% vegetarian and 85% vegan.

My goal with my blog is to inspire you to find your happiness in a simple meaningful life. I want to share with you my experiences during my journey and teach you what i can to make your quest easier and fun!

I’ll share articles that addresses one or more of these goals. Between articles, I’ll feature quotes that inspire, links to great articles, items that are awesome, books you should read which you can find at The Book Repository, recipes that are healthy, movietips and as i love philosophy, i will also try to trigger your mind with questions or different perspectives on life. Feel free to send a message or ask me a question, and don’t forget to mention Meaningfulistic to your friends!

I was born in France (Meaux), and raised in France and in The Netherlands. I’ve always wanted to blog in English, and i know you’ll find more than one mistakes. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Affiliate Links:
Not all but some links are affiliate links on my blog. This means I will receive a small commission on what you buy when you click from that link. There is no extra charge to you. I will only share books or items that I truly believe enhance this journey of living simply!